The curly needs a good amount of daily excercise to keep is mind and body fit and healthy.

Trim along the edge of the leather to give a neat outline. Cut the curls on the ears to make them short, especially the ones on the top of the ears, but not so short as to lose the curl.

Trim the hair from underneath the ear towards the throat. This must be done at least a fortnight before a show so that the cut edge does not cause the dog to “Fly his ears”. Some dogs do not have the desired flat hair on the top of the skull – a tendency for a top knot. If there are waves or curls here, trim them back with thinning scissors. Trim the curls to give a smooth line to the top of the head.

Curlies do have a tendency to grow very long hair in this area. Just cut back to give a neat outline down to the brisket.

Trim hair round elbow. Trim curls on the back of the legs to give a neat outline. Don’t cut too close unless you have a heavy boned dog.

Cut hair close to the skin to make a neat foot

Trim curls to give a neat outline but do not cut too short

Trim any long hair on legs. Cut hair on hocks very short. Some dogs do not grow surplus hair here.

Cut hair on underside of the tail fairly short. Trim curls on the rest of the tail but not too short – starting with the root and working toward the tip. Trim round the tip but not too close as this is the place that is often caught by wagging against sharp objects. The tail should be wide at the root and certainly not a “rat-tail”.

Some curlies may grow hair between the toes – if they do, pull the hair upwards and cut downwards towards the nails. Push remaining hair back between the toes.