DOB: 14/06/2014

Male – Black

Top CCR 2015 – Sweden


Parents Grandparents Gt Grandparents
Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch & Int Ch Springcurl Rigoletto JW Sh CM
Sh Ch Lizallwood Wayward Lad
Mighty Demetrious at Swickhill
Sh Ch Lizallwood Dangerous Lady
Ch Swe Ch Springcurl Peace Of Mind JW
Kelsmere Governer
Ch Gladrags Keepmeinmind
Gladrags A Rough Diamond
Ch Gladrags Brief Encounter
Gladrags Wing Commander
Gladrags Never Say Die
Am Ch Gladrag Heir Tight Alibi
Am Ch Gladrags Knight Hawk
Am Ch Gladrags Phavour Due

Hip Score:

Bred By: Haydn, Gladys Phillips and Charlotte Mann

Owned By: Yvonne Magnusson