Haydn and Gladys Phillips
Sh Ch Gladrags You 're My Man and Sh Ch Gladrags Yours Truly

Haydn and Gladys Phillips with Sh Ch Gladrags You ‘re My Man and Sh Ch Gladrags Yours Truly

Had their first curly in 1975, and have had a long association with their beloved breed stretching over many years.

They joined the Curly Club in the same year, and it was in 1979 when Haydn became secretary, that he initiated the first breed show.

The Club went on from strength to strength and after applying and getting the license for the first championship show in 1984, Haydn stepped down from that post – Haydn has now also retired from being President of the Club.

Both of them have over the years held various posts on the breed club committee with Gladys being a committee for over 15 years.

Both Haydn & Gladys are international championship Judges, they have officiated many times worldwide over the last three decades, but 2011 has seen Haydn judging on his native land at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show.

Exhibiting the dogs is the primary hobby, but realistically it only takes up a few hours weekly, so without other interests the dogs in their home would not be doing the job they are bred for. Gladys and Haydn had their first curly in 1975.

Together they are the Breeders of 30 Show Champions including 4 Full Champions, this is the highest number of Champions bred by any single UK Kennel in this breed.

The Gladrags kennels has also had a big impact on the breed, winning the gundog group for the first time in a new competition in England¬† ‘Breeder stakes’ in 1995 at Crufts.

Haydn and Gladys have three beautiful and wonderful daughters, Jackie, Alison and Nikki.

They now have been delighted by their Grandchildren but also now have Gt Grandchildren too and enjoy many family events.

Will Harris

Will Harris (Our Dogs Photographer) has had an interest in Gladrags and CCR since 2007, he has been now been added to the affix.

October 2017.