Top Breeders

Published in the Canine Press in 1992.


This year’s Top Competition was especially close with the top two brood bitches scoring the same number of points, and therefore separated only by a tie break decision based on the number of CCs etc won by progeny during the year.
This meant that runner up went to the leading gundog, Haydn and Gladys Phillips’ curly coated retriever, Sh Ch Gladrags Graffiti, now 10.5 years old.
Over the years, the Phillips’ have had interests in other breed, owning Pekingese, Pembroke corgis, Labradors and cockers. While at an obedience club, they saw and admired a curly, and then bought their first stock from Mrs Audrey Nicholls (Darelyn), their Sh Ch Darelyn Crispian and Darelyn Copperlass both being behind Graffiti.

Graffiti is an example of classic line breeding herself, for both her parents, Sh Ch Gladrags Grenadier and Littlewickers Cymric of Gladrags are by the Phillips’ own Sh Ch Darelyn Crispian, Crispian himself was bred in the purple being by Ch Rungles Crack O’Dawn ex the beautiful Sh Ch Donnaliza of Darelyn.

Graffiti gained her title in 1986, and her litter brother Galavanter, also gained his show title. These were the only two shown from the litter. However it is as a brood will go down in the annals of the breed, and indeed in 1992 six of her progeny won ten CCs between them.
In all, Graffiti has had four litters. From the first litter to Ambassador came Gladrags Dynamite who won one CC in 1992 Ambassador was by Gallavanter, Graffiti’s litter brother, therefore nephew mating.

From her second litter to the breed record holder, Ch Darelyn Rifleman (twice top gundog winner, and among the top ten stud dogs this year), came Gladrags Rejuvenator at Trelinday who won one CC in 1992; in her third litter to Darelyn Tarman came Sh Ch Gladrags Broness who won 3 CCs last year and Gladrags Blinkin’ Eck who won one CC in 1992. Tarman was by Rifleman ex Sh Ch Darelyn Pollyanna thereby augmenting the Darelyn influence.

Graffiti’s last litter to another Rifleman son, Sh Ch Tangulls Samphire of Herblyn, produced Gladrags Cavalier (one CC in 1992), and Sh Ch Gladrags Celebrity (three CCs in 1992). In this liaison there was another link with Graffiti’s ancestry because Samphire’s maternal grand dam is Littlewickers Kris, sister to Cymric Graffiti’s dam.

From this it is plain to see that Haydn and Gladys followed a particular pattern in their mating’s with Graffiti and studied what they were doing as the results will testify. Nowadays, Graffiti is enjoying her retirement, being the backbone of the Gladrags kennel.

Roll of Honour

Sh Ch Gladrags Jack The Lad – Top Male 96 -97
Ch Gladrags Jackaranda – Top Curly 1995 -1996-1997
Gladrags Make My Day – BPIS & RCC Winner
Gladrags Never Say Die – Top Puppy 95
Ch Gladrags Keepmeinmind – CC & Gundog Working Certificate

‘Gladrags’ Winning Teams for the Breeders Stakes and Groups over the Years.